A Fine Farewell

Cemetery - Funeral Home - Crematory

Portland, Oregon

United States

A Fine Farewell produces beautiful burial and cremation shrouds that transform the way we face death. Our shrouds are personalized, handcrafted, beautiful, and fully biodegradable. Our design provides an option that reflects your ecological life choices. We offer creativity to people who are uninspired by current burial or cremation options as well as those interested in creating an environmentally friendly and natural funeral. We want you to know that caring for your dead can be a sacred, inclusive, and satisfying experience.

Ancient cultures wisely employed both beauty and creativity as balm for grieving hearts. At A Fine Farewell, we honor this wisdom and draw on both of these qualities to bring light and healing for those facing death.

Marian Spadone, our founder, is a painter, designer, and textile artist. She is a licensed minister and a ceremonial facilitator who helps people create meaningful rituals that mark important passages in their lives. She is interested in the use of art as a form of healing and sees in her shrouds the marriage of spirituality and art.

Marian has been a lifelong spiritual seeker and has spent the last 37 years studying and practicing various forms of meditation and sacred ceremony. She passionately encourages people to “see death in a different light.” She says:

“There are among humans some colorful, deeply moving, and satisfying customs surrounding care of the dead. There is room for a wide span of emotions at a funeral celebration from grief to joy, from sobbing to laughter. I’m dedicated to restoring that full range of expression to this final voyage of life.”

Through her beautiful and innovative shrouds, Marian offers an elegant solution, a personalized alternative, and a sustainable choice.

Photos courtesy of A Fine Farewell