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When visitors enter FUNERIA’s Art Honors Life® gallery in west Sonoma County after traveling over roads that trace a gentle curve through vineyards, they’re seeing an extraordinary collection of as many as 200 original artworks in all media that are available no where else.

Since opening in January 2007 as "the nation's first art gallery dedicated to cremation urns and other personal memorial artworks," (The New York Times, 1/18/07), we’ve welcomed visitors from throughout the world. Each arrives expectant and curious. Some carry a heavy heart. All are warmly welcomed and quickly dazzled by an array of original artworks on pedestals, under spotlights, in a gallery that is warmed by old brick, natural linen, vintage redwood and a concrete floor that doesn’t mind wet boots.

Founded in 2000 on the belief that art honors life, FUNERIA has been redefining the standards, materials and aesthetics of cremation urns since organizing the first international art competition and exhibition to focus exclusively on original artist-made funerary urns, vessels, reliquaries and innovative personal memorial objects in all media. Our first Ashes to Art® exhibition opened November 29, 2001 at Fort Mason Center on a starry night that was equally as spectacular as the storm that preceded it. The Boston Globe called it “exquisite.” Art writers said the presentation was “world class.”

Our exhibitions have now opened on both coasts with smaller showcases from Paris to Vancouver, in New York galleries and Northern California arts centers. They are much-anticipated biennial events that attract both established and emerging artists. Since issuing our first Call for Entries in April 2001 through organizing our fifth biennial competition that ended October 2011, the eminently qualified arts professionals that we recruit to select finalists have reviewed more than 3,000 artworks by more than 1,000 artists from 40 states and 14 other countries.

As FUNERIA is acknowledged for developing and leading the contemporary funerary art movement, we have shared a great deal with our visitors, with entrepreneurs who are just as eager to offer selections of artist-made memorial artworks, and we have learned a great deal as well. We know the frustration felt by families who want to find a uniquely beautiful means to shelter the ashes of someone they love. We’re gratified by the relief they feel when they find us online and in the gallery.

The search for a perfect urn should result in finding one that is as meaningful as anything we’ve ever cherished in our homes—from family photo albums and memorabilia to artwork, precious gifts and objects that recall special journeys and occasions. Art is an experience. It is never more meaningful than when it reflects a personal memory, relationships, or the character of the individual it memorializes.

As one visitor admitted while preparing to leave the gallery, “How often in your adult life to you find something important that is entirely new to you, that you’ve never even considered?” We trust that you will discover something important and entirely new when you visit us too.

Photos courtesy of Funeria

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