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KINKARACO ® - Green Burial Products was created in 2004 by Esmerelda Kent (a former costume designer turned funeral professional) working in CA's first green cemetery .KINKARACO shrouds were designed to meet the growing need for a 100% biodegradable constructed shroud product for environmental purposes that was strong, easy-to-use, absorbent, easy to lift & to lower by any professional or by any family . These products were created specifically for the emerging green burial movement. The original PURELIGHT™ shroud prototype debuted on the HBO series "Six Feet Under" in 2005. In 2008, the company's owner, Esmerelda Kent, was featured in BusinessWeek magazine in an article entitled "Entrepreneurs Changing the Funeral Industry". In 2010 KINKARACO was honored by receiving the Eileen Fisher 2010 Business Grant for women entrepreneurs with sustainable businesses. The KINKARACO brand of 100% AMERICAN MADE products we call "Aroma Deathcare™, incorporates the ancient use of herbal linings, such as the VARANASI™ silk cremation shroud lined in White Sage, the BotanikaRestspa™ silk shroud lined in Lavender or Rose petals, and our exclusive KINKARACO Green Shrouding Wash tm for body washing made of exotic floral waters with herbs. In 2009, KINKARACO unveiled our exclusive MORT COUTURE® - the VERSAILLES™ embroidered silk shroud, the AFRICAINE™ Nigerian Mudcloth shroud and the TARTAN™ Scottish wool shrouds . KINKARACO ® - Green Burial Products combines a deep reverence of International cultural funeral practices with the ancient simplicity of shrouding for a completely modern 21st Century sustainable funeral service with elegance, economy and elan. The KINKARACO reseller Network connects our online customers everyday with funeral professionals they can trust right where they live locally in over 30 states in the US as well as to over 70 green cemeteries across the country and Canada!

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