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It’s so hard to lose a friend, family member, or animal companion. We want to honor their memory and preserve their physical remains in a respectful way, but the traditional urn can feel a bit cold and distant. That’s why I think hand blown glass cremation memorials are the perfect way to preserve your loved one’s ashes forever.

A glass cremation pendant or a glass cremation marble is a beautiful way to memorialize your loved one while keeping him or her close to you. I can create for you unique jewelry that transforms your loved one’s ashes into a beautiful piece of art.

When you commission me to make your cremation jewelry, I promise that I’ll treat the ashes of your loved one with the same care and respect I’d have for my own. Along with the ashes, I’ll request a photo that you feel really captures their essential nature. I also welcome anything you want to tell me about your loved one that would help me know them better. Before I create a pendant, I’ll take a moment to look at the photo you send and recall what you’ve told me about them. From this mindful space, I’ll create a special custom piece of cremation jewelry for you and anyone else who wishes to remember them.

You’ll notice that in each cremation memorial, the ashes are surrounded by many small bubbles. These bubbles contain CO2 gas and are created by a chemical reaction between the glass and ashes. The size and patterns of the bubbles can’t be controlled but happen organically as the glass and ashes mix and fuse together in different ways. Occasionally I even work with ashes that create no bubbles, so the white ash is seen even more clearly. Each piece is unique and lets you keep a part of your loved one with you at all times if you wish.

Photos courtesy of Psyche Cremation Jewelry

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