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SCOSHA is a collection of jewelry by Australian born artist and designer, Scosha Woolridge. The custom jewelry she likes to make ais little tokens, or totems, that represent a life, a keepsake, a memory. This transcends into the pieces she makes, whether it be a ring, a pendant, ID bracelet, or ashes bottle. As soon as a script is put onto anything, it becomes official, final, or “marked” — a place to visit and be reminded. She also makes token bracelets as “keepsakes” to give for a remembrance to family and friends. Each has a metal tag for the initials of the person being celebrated.

Often the family members will give her the background of the person so she can get a sense of their personality — likes, are they traditional, modern, a mixture; what type of music or art they liked; colors etc. Scosha is very respectful of her clients wishes and will do whatever is needed.

Obviously, everyone will deal with loss differently, but Scosha also loves to explore through some kind of art form, whether it be writing, painting, music, dance, or other, as a great way to release many emotions and feelings that can be very hard to express verbally or physically during such a time. She seeks to find a rebirth and begin the cycle all over again. As she describes, “It is all so lovely.”

She considers herself to be a story jeweler, using travel tales as inspiration to create jewelry that combines the modern and ancient worlds, suitable for both men and women. Scosha draws from a mix of global influences and explores the adventure and freedom within everyday life. Made of gems/stones, metal, and recycled fibers, each piece is created as a play between materials and how that translates in terms of what is traditionally considered "precious" or "non-precious," "masculine," or "feminine.” "Ultimately, the goal is lived-in style," says Woolridge, "It should feel as effortless as it looks, it's that natural sensibility that is really attractive." Scosha's atelier and flagship is in Williamsburg, New York City. SCOSHA is carried by over 80 stockists globally.

Photos courtesy of Scosha

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