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SoulBursts are personalized memorials with a small amount of the cremation ashes of your loved one fused inside, creating a unique signature dancing in a celebration of color and light. They can be an alternative to an urn, allowing you to keep a small amount of the cremation ash, and scatter the rest. Multiple family members can each have their own personalized memorial that is a unique art glass form. It is possible to combine the ashes of two people in one keepsake. SoulBursts come in several colors and shapes. SoulBursts also offers a selection of elegant, one of a kind blown glass urns.

Glass artist Michelle Kaptur started SoulBursts in 1994 to offer people a unique way to celebrate the life of someone special. A way to hold a loved one in your hand until that person comes to reside solely in your heart. To help your personal grieving process in that difficult transition time after losing someone you love.

Having lost her mom, Michelle understands how important the ashes of your loved one are. "I will create your SoulBurst with deep respect for the life you are commemorating, and the process you are going through. I will handle your ashes with the same respect and care I handled my mother's ashes."

SoulBursts are made in Michelle's personal glass studio. Without a store front there are no distractions and your order is given all the attention it needs. Michelle says, "This work I do for people is an honor. I hope that I can create a small spot of light in the grief you are feeling. It is a privilege to be able to help someone celebrate a life."

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