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SevenPonds is a unique website providing information and resources to the terminally ill, those who are assisting someone who is dying, those who have lost someone, or those who want to help a grieving friend.

What our customer seeks:

  • Caregiving, Solace, Grief Services & More
  • Funeral Planning
  • Cremation and Natural Burial Services
  • End-of-Life Celebration Planning
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$2.6 Billion Cremation & Natural Burial Market

The national annual cremation rate was at 10% 35 years ago. It is currently at 40% and growing fast.

14 US states have a cremation rate of 50% or higher.

The US cremation rate trails the rest of the world.

1 Life Insurance–$ 863 B; 2 Caregivers–$ 450 B;3 Elder Care Service–$ 203 B;3 End-of-life Death Services–$ 15 B;4 Hospice Services–$ 9.9 B

1  ACLI, 2010  2 AARP Public Policy Institute, 2011
3 IBIS World Research, 2010  4 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid, 2008

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$2.6 Billion Cremation & Natural Burial Market

Connect your services to customers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Be part of the changing end-of-life trends.

"Marin County has one of the highest cremation rates in the US at 93%."

– Ron Hast, Mortuary Management Magazine

"Today baby boomers want a say in their own funerals and would rather exit this life bundled much like a newborn babe, in a natural burial shroud, and then be cremated, or buried naturally."

– Esmerelda Kent of Kinkaraco

"One-third of all Americans die under the care of hospice."

– New England Journal of Medicine

"Mourning is changing; connections to the deceased can be therapeutic. People do not get over it but instead learn to live with it, and today we understand there is no one way to express it."

– Encyclopedia of Death and Dying

"The number of home funerals, where everything from caring for the dead to the visiting hours to the building of the coffin is done at home, has soared in the last five years."

– The New York Times

The cremation customer is planning and personalizing their end-of-life experience. “In Marin County 75% of customers take cremation ashes home from the funeral home and plan their own experience.”
The Customer: Affluent Educated Baby Boomer
  • Contemporary lifestyle
  • Planning their parents' end-of-life
  • Views cremation and natural burial as the new tradition
  • 60% women
  • Ages 47 to 65
  • College educated
  • Income $75K on up
  • Sophisticated metro-area residents
  • Holistic beliefs
  • Nontraditional beliefs
  • Environmentally aware
  • Seek to create meaningful experience
  • Rational today regarding death and dying
  • Self-empowered